Sunday 1 February 2009

Great set of paleogeographic maps

Who doesn't surf the net and find very interesting links that after a couple of days are totally forgotten? Some days ago I found this superb collection of paleogeographic maps in the website of Dr Ron Blakey.

The globes presented in this series show how Earth may have appeared over the last 600 million years (Ma). The global views were prepared from rectangular projections drawn at a resolution of 3000x1500 pixels for each of the 26 time slices (small files of the rectangular maps are also included). Topography was "cloned" from digital elevation maps of modern Earth from the USGS. Colors were adjusted to portray climate and vegetation for the given time and location. The modern Earth was also drawn in this manner using a color pallet derived from satellite images created by ARC Science of Loveland, Colorado. The geologic data was gathered from the references listed below. The completed rectangular images were then wrapped on a sphere and saved as jpg files.

Take a look. They don't only look great, they show great geology. Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Very nice simulations. Now I wish someone would do the same for Rodinia. See the work of David A.D. Evans, J. W. Goodge and colleagues published during 2008 and 2009.

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