Monday 27 June 2011

Thrust duplexes in Devon and Galicia

I came across the website of Jim Talbot thanks to a friend, and I would like to share with you his photographies of great examples of thrusts, duplexes and chevron folds in Devon (England) and Galicia (Spain).

(duplex with 8 horses, Widemouth Bay, Devon)

A duplex, as a reminder, is an array of thrust horses bounded by a floor thrust (i.e. sole thrust) at the base and by a roof thrust at the top (McClay, 1992).
You can also visit the homepage and enjoy the wonderful photographies, with very good examples from many places around the planet. Enjoy!

More about thrusts and duplex systems: McClay, KR, 1991, Glossary of thrust tectonics terms, in KR McClay, ed., Thrust tectonics: London, Chapman & Hall, p. 419–433