Friday 30 January 2009


Welcome to this website about structural geology. Why we do it? Because we like Earth sciences and we like to understand the processes which model the crust and the upper mantle of our planet. And more important, we like to discuss about and to spread what we know.

Perhaps you have arrived here because you don't know what is this all about. Structural geology and tectonics are sisters, much closely related than other disciplines within the Earth sciences constellation of knowledge, but not so different.

Structural geology deals with the deformation of rock units, how different stresses affect rock bodies causing a certain strain, and how this stress and strain are distributed in space and time. Tectonics is the study of the deformation within the Earth's crust, and its consequential structural effects. In ther words, structural geology deals with the micro and mesoscale of deformation, and tectonics deals with the macro- and global scale of deformation.

Both structural geology and tectonics will have their home in this website where everyone is more than welcome. Regardless of the level of experience you have in this disciplines you are welcome to collaborate, to discuss, and why not, to sit down and read.

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Anonymous said...

Dear sir/madam
Hi,good day
I am Majid Ramezani from iran and its role in mine exploitation.I am researching about fold and fuolts structures in iran.i will glad to cooprating you.

Best Regards

Jorge said...

Hello Majid,

If you want to write for this blog some article related with your research, or any other topic, you are very welcome!

Thanks for your visit.

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