Sunday 15 February 2009

Congress: Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity

I joined the Geo-Tectonic mail list ( several years ago and, in my opinion, one of its most useful features is the contribution of news about congresses and meetings related with structural geology and adjacent areas (of knowledge!).

In this case, Ian Alsop has sent the information related with a very interesting congress on salt tectonics, titled "Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity", due to be celebrated in The Geological Society next January. Not a long way, after all!

Salt Tectonics, Sediments and Prospectivity
International conference sponsored by The Geological Society, Petroleum Group and SEPM
January 20-21st 2010
The Geological Society, Burlington House, Picadilly, London.
This two day international conference aims to bring together academic and industrial geoscientists to review recent advances in our understanding of halokinetic processes and to explore the links between salt tectonics and sediments. Encouraging the interaction between structural geologists and sedimentologists is a desired outcome. Contributions are invited that address key technical issues that include:
  • How does salt tectonics manifest itself in sedimentary basins?
  • Comparisons of subsidence rates between tectonically generated basins and salt withdrawal minibasins?
  • Prediction of reservoir presence and quality and new generation facies models
  • What traps hydrocarbons in salt flank structures – salt side seal or sand pinch out?
  • Salt as a trapping and breaching mechanism – are salt welds sealing or leaky?
  • To what extent does salt suppress hydrocarbon maturation?
  • What role does salt play in sandstone diagenesis?
  • Sub-salt imaging – how far have we come, new approaches / techniques to make further improvements?
  • Papers are welcomed from a wide range of sub-disciplines including, earth surface processes and landforms, outcrop or mining data, subsurface seismic, well and core data, potential fields and physical and numerical modelling.
More information, abstract deadlines and posters to download etc may be found at our web page:
Stuart Archer ( University of Aberdeen)
Ian Alsop (University of Aberdeen)
Adrian Hartley (University of Aberdeen)
Neil Grant (ConocoPhillips)
Richard Hodgkinson (Bowleven)

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