Thursday, 27 January 2011

Penrose conference on "Deformation localization in rocks: new advances"

(From the Geo-Tectonics list, sent by Ian Alsop)

Dear all,
This is an e-mail announcing a Penrose conference on "Deformation localization in rocks: new advances."
The conference will be held this summer from the 27th June to the 2 July 2011 and will be situated in Cadaques within the Cap de Creus peninsula of Catalonia, Spain.
The GSA website on the conference displays registration and application details at
The application deadline is 25th February 2011. Applications should be sent directly to Elena Druguet (e-mail:
Further details (including a pdf flyer) may also be found at

Some of the main anticipated topics include:
Shear zones - new perspectives on geometry, kinematics and mechanics;
Field, numerical and analogue modelling of mesoscopic elements of shear zones;
The role and interaction of fluids, melts and metamorphism in strain localization;
Physical and numerical experiments on strain localization;
Approaches to the study of strain localization in orogens.

Keynote speakers include John Cosgrove, Laurel Goodwin, Scott Johnson, Neil Mancktelow and Cees Passchier.

Best wishes


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