Friday, 28 January 2011

OpenStereo: an opensource stereographic software

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about stereonet programs. Geologists use this type of programs for stereographic projection and structural geology analysis. It is one of the most powerful tools we have, A few weeks ago, through the comments of this article, I got to know another piece of software which, being at least as good as the well known suites (as far as I have tested it), has the pecualiarity of being open source. I am talking about OpenStereo.
OpenStereo has been released under a GNU General Public License v.3. Which means that I can use it in the office for commercial purposes! (and you too). OpenStereo has been developed at the Instituto de Geociências of the Universidade de São Paulo by Carlos H. Grohmann and Ginaldo A. Campanha. It is developed in Python and it is a cross-platform program. For further technical aspects of this work, please read this abstract presented by the developers in the AGU2010 conference:

This piece of software is truly promising, even though being in a beta phase of development (Version 0.1 Beta). Having that in mind, it is recommended to double check results, of course. A beta is a beta, after all. It is very portable, as it can be copied in an external drive and it will work. Good for having it in you work or study memory stick.
I have been testing it, and so far I haven't found any important weak point. Actually, I can only speak wonders of it, especially of its flexibility with its graphic interface. It supports different datasets at the same time, something very useful when comparing structural features in different zones or provinces for the same project. An imporant difference with other programs is that OpenStereo is very easy to use, and absolutely intuitive
It is possible to export the results under several graphic formats (emf, eps, ps, pdf, png, svg) and the quality of those is highly profesional. Take a look to this two examples I have done quickly. Don't you feel like starting to work with it?
Go on, download it and play with it. Probably this nice piece of software will become your favourite one:

(Thanks to Carlos H. Grohmann for his comment, which lead me to this great piece of work)


Greg said...

I can't find directions for how to load the data in files. Do you know of any? Thanks.

Jorge said...

Hi Greg,

You have to create a txt file with the data. I do not remember if you have to keep the format "78 45" or "78/45".

Make a short test, with two or three measurements. It is very easy.

Thanks for your visit!

Pengfei said...

It is really a great software

Pengfei said...

How about this software

Jorge said...

I will take a look... but at the moment my pc is falling apart!

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