Tuesday 24 January 2012

Vote for my photobook

Last winter I created a photobook for my dad. He doesn't have a computer, and I thought it would be nice to show him my pictures together with a (not mine!) poem that reflects my thoughts about each photo.


I won the "Best book of March" award, and now I am compiting in the "Best Photobook of the Year 2011" contest. Competition is hard!.

The prizes are a couple of Olympus PEN cameras for the winner and for the runner-up. You know how much I love photography, so... Would you vote for me? :-)

In order to vote...

a) Register at: http://www.bobbooks.co.uk/register.html

b) Vote for me! Just click on "Vote for this book" in  http://www.bobbooks.co.uk/bookshop/users/JorgeGines/visiones-versos-viajes/ . It couldn't be easier!

Bobbooks offers, by the way, an amazing quality, great value for money. Highly recommended, and a great idea for a personal present.

Important note: Let me know if you have voted. I will raffle, if I win, a £50 gift voucher from www.bobbooks.com amongst those voting for me!


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