Wednesday 9 February 2011

Microdynamics of Ice (Micro-DICE)

"Microdynamics of Ice (Micro-DICE)" is a Research Network Programme, funded for 5 years by the European Research Foundation. The programme funds conferences, sessions at conferences (like next EGU-meeting in Vienna) and especially workshops and short- and exchange visits.

Please check to see calls for applications to fund workshops (about 8000 € per workshop) and travel grants, especially for students and young researchers. Next deadline is end of February, but calls will be repeated every few months.
Send an email to if you want to be on the email list to keep informed of the latest activities.

The aim of Micro-DICE is to advance our knowledge of the dynamic behaviour of ice, based on the philosophy that:
-   The predictive value of (geophysical) models of ice behaviour under changing conditions relies on a correct description of ice properties.
-   Grain-scale processes (microstructure) strongly influence the properties of ice, and hence,
-   better understanding of dynamic grain-scale processes in ice is needed.

Upcoming activities:
4 April: Session CR1.30 "Ice and its microstructure: commonalities and differences" at the EGU-Meeting, Vienna, Austria
8-11 May: Workshop on "Microdynamic Modelling of Ice and related materials", Glasgow, UK
7-9 November: Conference on "Ice deformation: from the model material to ice in natural environments", Grenoble, France

(From Paul Bons, sent to the Geo-Tectonics list)

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