Wednesday 10 February 2010

Microtectonics course in Mainz

If you are interested in microtectonics, then you know Passchier and Trouw and their classic textbook on that topic. Now you have the opportunity to enrol in a course in Mainz (where a large collection of microstructures is hosted) conducted by C. Passchier and D. Koehn.

Topics covered in the course are deformation mechanisms, veins and strain fringes, mylonitic fabrics and porphyroblasts. Participants are encouraged to bring their own thin-sections for discussions, in addition to the large collection available in the University of Mainz

Course fees are 280 euro, and will take place from Monday 29th of March to Thursday 1st of April of 2010. For further information, contact Sabine Fohrmann [fohrmann (at) uni-mainz (dot) de]. Appclations should be submitted before 1st of March of 2010.

(Information adapted from an email sent by Daniel Koehn to the Geo-tectonics mailing list)

Institut für Geowissenschaften Tektonophysik:

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