Saturday 27 February 2010

Earthquake in Chile, 8.8 Mw

Chile has been shaken this night by a 8,8 Mw earthquake, as reported by ( There is not much information so far. Bachelet, president of Chile, has reported 6 casualties already. USGS informs of potential several structural damages in central and southern Chile.

The epicenter has been located at 35 km offshore Concepción, and Santiago de Chile, at more than 300 km, has been left in a blackout. In Valparaiso, the quake has been felt, but apparently no major damages have been reported.

Chile has been always, and will be, one of the most seismologically active areas in the world. In 1960 a 9.5 Mw earthquake devastated the region of Valdivia, killing 1655 people.

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