Friday, 2 November 2012

Follow me in Twitter

I have been using Twitter for some weeks, and perhaps you would like to follow me.
I am progressively focusing on geology issues and general science, but please be aware that I also write in Spanish and sometimes I write about social and current affairs. My tweet feed is not exclusive for this blog, as I don't see the need of keeping a different account for each website I have! Also, I try to keep a flow of 70/100 tweets per week, which I think is a good number.

If you decide to follow me, ping me and let me know!


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Anonymous said...

I am cool with the page and fine with it being an open page. I only bring it up because there was recently a thread on the page discussing the open nature of the page. During that thread it was pointed out that the church opted not to operate a facebook page and so several congregants began and administer the page. There seemed to be a lot of folks who were surprised or had forgotten that the page was unofficial.

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