Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday video: Debunking expanding Earth

Where the mass comes from?
Have you ever heard about the "Expading Earth" hypothesis? Have you ever watched or even listened to the videos posted in YouTube by comic artist Neal Adams? Well, then you may be as amazed as I am by the imagination and persistence of this man.

Neil defends the idea, and even calls it "theory" (sorry Neil, but yours is not a theory... check out in some dictionary what is the scientific meaning of theory), that our planet Earth is in constant expansion, and there is a conspirancy and cover up of these "facts". Well... this is funny up to some point. The truth is that this is quite sad, because YouTube is a website that many kids use and it end up spreading this unscientific positions. But, how a 12 year old kid may know that?

If you have ever had to answer to some friend why the Earth doesn't grow, if you have ever found a person who thinks that Neil* is right and the rest of the world is wrong... Well, watch this video, produced by "potholer54", an Australian journalist with many interesting videos. Send it to your friends, to the ones who think science is about covering facts!

Have fun... and I will try to post something more serious next Thursday. Or perhaps we will discuss why Earth is not flat :0)

*Well, he and a few more:


Ray Butler said...

It doesn’t have to be a “versus” situation between expanding Earth and tectonics. Obviously tectonics are fact currently in Earths history, but we have no real experience to draw on as far as what kinds of chemical reactions are possible on the cosmic size/pressure/temperatures we are talking about here, we cannot conclusively dismiss that at some stage in Earths history the planet was smaller. The oceans do not provide much in way of debunking the possibility, but that fact alone could lend credence to the theory.

John Dee said...

Just to clarify; Expanding Earth theory is hardly Neil Adams theory. Klaus Vogel and Otto Hilgenberg created models based on research by Sam Warren Carey in 1933. More recently James Maxlow, PhD. calculated the expansion of the earth at 22mm/year. Stephen Hurrell, engineer, also more recently created computer models. Just saying.

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Sunaya Rana said...

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