Monday 23 August 2010

Paper models for structural geology

Monday, Monday...
Bored in the office?
Holidays with hyperactive kids that you would like to convert into geologists?
Want to decorate your desk with geeky paper models of faults, unconformities and other geometrical relationships that your geophysicist colleagues don't visualise?
Then, why not printing some of Martin Schöpfer's paper models and spend some times building them up?
Hours and hours of fun!

(More educational material here: )


Rowan Cockett said...

I recently created an online visualization tool (Visible Geology) for structural geology, and thought you and your readers might be interested in taking a look. You can create your own geologic block models, and look at the outcrop interactions in 3D on stereonets, cross sections, and various topographies.

It is new software, and I would love to hear what some structural geologists think of it!

Visit my application at:
(Works in any HTML5 capable browser: not Internet Explorer)

Rowan Cockett

Jorge said...

Well... it is awesome!

I will play with it a bit more and I will write up something this week. Thanks for it!

Rowan Cockett said...

I am glad you like it! If you need any more information, fell free to contact me through my site.