Monday 22 June 2009

Move and LithoTect for free

Dr. Alan Gibbs, director of Midland Valley Exploration, has announced in the Geo-Tectonics list that their software Move2009 (which includes 2DMove, 3DMove and 4DMove) is now available for free to universities for teaching and research.

He recommends contacting MVE through their website or using this email:

Move2009, as described by MVE, is “fundamentally different from other geo-modelling and model building software as it incorporates geological time into the modelling process. Other modelling tools simply create good-looking models from the present day interpretations, ours turn the modelling process into a rigorous analytical activity involving geological time, with interoperability support of modelling environments and the ability to easily transfer files between all Move components. Using our products geoscientists can continually challenge and test their assumptions and thereby gain a far deeper understanding into the structural geology they are modelling”.

Is that the only geo-modelling software available for building and balancing cross sections and general structural modelling? No. In the same list, Dr. Robert Ratliff, development director of Geo-Logic Systems, reminds that their software LithoTect is also available for free for universities (as it has been for many years). This software combines the power of geological modelling with a very attractive conditions in terms of available platforms and licensing conditions.

Well, the choice is in your hands. Perhaps you want to make a comment comparing both suites?


Ilyam said...

Can't you put it in Rapidshare??

Jorge said...

Of course not. This website doesn't provide links to illegal content. At all. As the article says, this software is free for UNIVERSITIES. It doesn't say that I PROVIDE IT for free.

Unknown said...

Lithotect is actually not truly free.. it costs the maintenance fee for year. It is a great restoration software which includes several innovative solutions in respect to other similar products.
I warmly suggest it for academic use.

Move 2009 is a complete suite for 2D/3D modeling and restoration; in addition it brings many additional powerful tools and possibilities. To date, Move is likely the top suite for structural geological modeling in the market, and it's fully available for free for the universities, upon a license agreement and revised signature.

Jorge said...

Thank you for the information, Riccardo. I just wrote what Dr. Ratliff announced in the Geo-Tectonics list.

After hearing Alan Gibbs in a talk I also get to the conclusions that Move is not exactly for free for unis, as the academia has to show some kind of synergy with Midland Valley feedbacking them with results, examples, etc.

Anyway, surely the deal is better than the industry one :P

Thanks and hope to read more comments signed by yourself.

HD.ecocreations said...

Hello, i want to ask, its still available for free? for university?

Anonymous said...

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Sophie Grace said...

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